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Grand AM SLP ?

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I got behind a Pontiac Grand Am on my way to work this morning with SLP badging. (chrome emblem, in place of where the GT would normally be – the car was debadged otherwise.)



Tried looking some stuff up – to my best guess this person just slapped an SLP emblem on a stock grand am GT. Purchased off ebay, perhaps. ?




It looked like the car had stock exhaust and wheels, couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. And they weren’t driving that fast (if that’s an indication of anything…)



Oh well... just thought I’d share.

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SLP makes performance parts for F-body cars, and I'd wager the new GTO, as well.


With the F-body gone, and the GTO selling in limited numbers, I suppose if SLP wants to stay in business, then offering mods for the other Pontiac models would be a smart move.


I'll look for the SLP G6 Fire-swallow next year! :lol:

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