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STU versus ESP


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Alright, so I'm just looking over mods again for this season and I'm trying to compare between STU and ESP. I ran one race in ESP since I knew what I was up against better.


Soon I will have on the car:

-SS Brake Lines and Pads

-Front & Rear Sway Bars

-Panel Filter and Turbo Inlet Pipe

-Catless Up-Pipe

-Wheels & Tires


I will be adding end links, and coilovers this summer, but I'm also looking at adding a shorty catless DP and tuning the ECU. Now I know tuning the ECU would throw me in SM, but if I get an AutoX tune for racing, would that allow me to still run ESP or STU? I'd rather run ESP because the STU classes are getting bigger up here and I'm overall less competitive in them.

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