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BMW's catching on!!

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No worries, the regular new 330i (and old under best conditions) is sub six seconds, the new turbo will be closer to five...


Regular 330i test:


"All of this adds up to a car that runs smoothly, feels wonderfully safe and secure on the road, and drives with a rare precision. As our exclusive test numbers show, it is also very quick for a less-than-$40,000 compact sports sedan: 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and the standing quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds at 98 mph."



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And beanboy, in that C&D article, they mentioned track conditions when they

tested the 2006 BMW 330i were bad.

The car might run better than that stock too.


Yeah, without a doubt a twin turboed 330+ hp 3 series would be in the

low 5's high 4's range.

It would without a doubt have more torque than the current M3 too.


For some reason, I think the U.S. will never see this car.

It would take sales away from the 2007 V8 powered M3.

I'd personally take the twin turboed 6 before the v8 powered M3.

It would probably be $8-10 grand less, (I'm betting on the V8 powered M3

costing $65K+) and with ECU tuning make

nearly as much power, and probably more torque.

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