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SFL Tint shop PSA - Superior Tint in Boca Raton (also Tint World in Pompano)

Ryan Trevisol

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So I just wanted to post on here to say that Superior Tint in Boca Raton (Dixie Hwy, just south of Spanish River, last bay on the west side in the Dixie Commercial Center) does great work.


Got my Legacy tinted there today and will get the Wife's Forester fronts done tomorrow.


They were very professional, have a laser cutter, and gave me a very good deal. He does 3M Film, and for metalized, will do $169 for a Legacy. I didn't want any interference so I went with the SunTek Carbon film (35% on the sides, 45 on the back), and it looks great. There aren't any gaps or wrinkles. He does very good work, and he warranty's it for life. Plus the SunTek film has a lifetime warranty against all the good stuff like adhesive failure, delamination, etc.


On the other hand, Tint World (recommended by North Broward Subaru) gave me a pretty bad experience today. I went in there to see if they would sell me a Subaru Antenna adapter for my new head unit and they told me I didn't need one, and that was while everyone in the shop was eating lunch and barely talking to me.


Worse, the only non-metallic tint job they would do with a lifetime warranty was $260, and they were trying to sell me a 3M Crystalline job for $500.


So if you're in north broward or south palm beach, go see Jason at Superior Tint, and skip Tint World.

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