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Well, I am going to do my first wash and wax this week-end.


Drove through a strom of bugs, and haven't washed the car since (about 5 days ago.


I saw this stuff call Bug Off, a spray pre-wash that helps clean off the bugs.


Anyone know if it is worth using?


My plan is to use NXT Wash, then Clay Magic, then Maguiar #83 Dual Cleaner and finish with S100.

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Guest *Jedimaster*
If you're going to be in an area like that, spray some WD40 on the front end and backs of the mirrors. You can even do the leading edge of the hood, but be careful not to go very far up the hood as it can work its' way up to the windshield. Next time you wash your car, the bugs will slide right off.
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The bug remover spray at coin-op car washes actually works pretty well. My favorite product for bug removal still remains the Turtle Wax bug and tar remover in the yellow can. You can find it at most autopart stores. If you keep a good coat of wax on the car then cleaning the bugs off is much easier. Just get them off as soon as you can. There are few things more acidic than bug guts. You can burn holes in your paint and leave it blistered looking if you don't get it off fast enough.


Here is a good article on bug removal from one of our vendors. Its pretty good advice.


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