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Possible iPod integration solution?


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I just bought a belkin fm modulator / charger combo. I got it from ebay. I've been testing in my gardge and it seems to be ok. The only problem is that it gets in the way of the passenger ac control and is kind of cheesy looking. What was wrong with the monster one??
Only thing going for the Monster version is that it can save 3 frequencies in memory from 88-107 so you're not stuck with 3 or 5 stations near the 88-89 range. Works decent enough when not moving but becomes hissy when you're driving around. I've never been a fan of fm wireless modulators but it's a stop gap solution until something better comes around. In case anyone still wants to buy one after my "glowing" review....:lol: make sure you get the iCarPlay Plus, the previous non-plus version doesn't have the 3 presets. At least when I'm driving and a station fades out, I can punch up 2 more stations that may give me better sound quality.


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There are also other vendors of FM modulators that cut off the antenna lead, and it still is only FM Stereo quality, not CD or high-bit-rate digital quality.


Broadcast transmitters like the monster thingy are iffy at best, I have tried a couple, and it is just a pain to use (always switching FM channels) for marginal quality. Luckily my current cars have cassette decks, which don't have as much interference, but it still isn't a line in.


When I get a legacy, I may just have to go with a JL Audio CleanSweep, Amp, and new Coaxial speakers. I'd like not to have to mod a new car like that directly off the showroom floor, but I can thank Subaru for making that neccesary. I am going to have to figure out some way of getting my iPod into the stereo with higher quality than just FM.


I still hope that '06 will bring a Satelite/Auxiliary input into the headunit.

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