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Official NorCal Spotted Thread


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yea lagauna, same thing to me haha... but have you stoped by the weekly sacramento meets??


Damn, Legacy owners going to the Sac meets now that I left :p


I may need to hit up next week (going down for my Dad's birthday, but the party might also be Friday night, which wouldn't help my wanting to go to a meet).

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Where and when is the weekly meet? How many LGT's go?


well there's meets in natomas every saturday, but i believe there is also a meet at krispy creme on laguna ever first and third monday of every month at 7.... but I haven't been to a natomas meet lately cause i get off at 6, and worry about no one being there by the time i get all the way to natomas. but the last time i was at a natomas meet i was the only lgt there...


and i believe i saw a black lgt wagon on power inn and calvine today... was dark so not even very sure if it was a subaru...

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I think we have a couple "mountain people" on this board - anyone have a silver sedan? I passed it yesterday on rt. 9 in Felton.


Oh yeah - and somebody bought the same @*!# black wagon as me and parked it next to mine where I work in Brisbane! Has a Subaru of Irvine license plate.

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This guy pulled into a spot in the parking lot just as I was leaving. Silver LGT, 5MT. Driver's name is Anil and his registration is just a little older than mine. Now he knows about legacygt.com.


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Well, I finally spotted my first non-Outback 2005 Legacy of any kind since I bought mine 4 weeks ago. It was a silver 2005 2.5GT non-limited Legacy wagon, turning east on Maude from northbound Mary Ave. in Sunnyvale around 1:05pm today. I don't know what kind of tranny it had, but if it was MT then it was nearly an exact copy of mine. Cool. :cool:



And, on a separate note:


Tuesday, 5 July, 6:00 pm. I saw a brand new blue Legacy GT wagon on El Camino in Sunnyvale. The driver honked at me and I honked back.
That's freaky - I was in that area at nearly the exact same time. You almost saw two blue Legacy GT wagons. :rolleyes:
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