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Official NorCal Spotted Thread


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Hi all, new GT owner here. Excuse the off thread inquiry, but I'm looking for suggestions on good shops/tuners in the bay area to help with my build.





No first hand knowledge but through some racers in the SCCA paddock I have heard good things about this shop over in Hayward:




Good luck with your build and enjoy your GT Wasabi Mami,


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Welcome! Where in Norcal are you?


Here are the popular ones:

Hayward - GST (Mike) or RBMS (Mert)

Sac - FW Motorsports (Paul)

Cupertino - Auto Headquarter (Kevin)

San Jose - PM Autoworks (Peter) or Speed Element

Fairfield - EQ Tuning (Ed)

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Wasabi - if you know what parts you want to put on, give Elite Performance in Burlingame a call. I've had them help with a lot of stuff on my 05 LGT, but their resident Subi expert isn't there, so you just need to know what to put on, but I've had great luck with them. Lots of my co-workers with 86s and S2Ks go there too.

They are also well connected with folks who run track days (mostly at Buttonwillow - I think... I've got too many young kids to be able to escape for the weekend).

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Thanks for the advice guys, I'll be testing it out this week!


I lost boost today at thunderhill. Poof!


Everything sounds and feels fine, turbo spooling etc. Just no push and access port says no boost.


Got check engine light on solid and cruise is flashing/non-functional.


And I've got to be at Laguna on Friday!


Ralitek to the rescue, rush delivery on that grimspeed IC I've been eyeing. No clue if that'll solve it and I've gotta hustle

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Hey wasabi I used to track a lot but haven’t lately due to kids lol. Are you on the stock tmic?


“The Shop” is a popular general Japanese car shop in San Bruno, the owner used to have a modded up maxima.

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Hey wpmarky, yes, I'm still on the old tmic. Got a grimspeed one coming. Was planning to use a smoke machine this afternoon but...


Disaster! She started smoking badly, stalling at idle. GD!


My AP gave me the POO11 code, avcs error. I cleared it but that's when the smoking and stalling showed up.

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