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What are the good mods avalable for 05 GT??

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I have always understood the rule air+fuel+exhaust+computers=power, oh sometimes add spark.. My question is what are the good modifications available for the 05 Legacy GT..This is what I have seen so far, correct me if I am wrong

Air Intake...K&N Typhoon best

Exhaust...Borla best

Blow off valve...Blitz best

Turbo up & down pipe...???


what else am I missing???what will not void the warranty??

Any help is great...:D

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ECU tune is definitely the place to start if all you want is a power increase.



As far as intake goes – I have yet to see anybody post any numbers that show any intake system increases power. In fact, their have been a few discussions showing that adding a CAI may actually hurt more than help. Many members here use a drop in filter replacement from companies such as Perrin or AVO. Although, they’re main appeal is that they don’t muffle the sound of the stock BOV. You can also remove the intake silencer for added sound increase.



Exhaust, - Borla is probably the way to go. Again, I’ve yet to see any numbers showing any performance gains… however I’m sure it does help some. For the cost though, I’d wait until after the ECU to do exhaust upgrades.



Blow off valve—I’d stick with stock.



Up-pipe / down-pipe… depends on emissions tests in your state.. AVO and Perrin both have them available.. Having a custom pipe made is also a very good solution. I’m waiting on the high flow catted DP from Cobb or good alternative. (gotta save up some $$ first)




Other than that, I would seriously look into new tires and a stiffer suspension setup, possibly new sways/struts…



Tires: Toyo Proxes4 have been getting good reviews.


Suspension – I’d like to go with a JDM specB setup, members here with that configuration seem to like it a lot…. Perfect balance between ride and performance.



All I’ve been able to afford so far is the Cobb AP, and I highly recommend it.



Just my $.02 –Hopefully some better educated members here can offer some better suggestions.

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Might suggest the Perrin intake, rather than K&N.

AVO Blow off valve is made to fit.

Perrin Down Pipe, STi factory up pipe, but there are other options for the UP. DownPipes are scarce but should be showing up in the near future.

Lots of folks like the Cobb AccessPort ECU mod.


However, without voiding the warranty, most of this might be moot. Catless STi UpPipe may be the only thing you could truly get away with, since it is a stock subaru part from another car.


Theoretically, If I had a Legacy, and enough cash to mod it, I would go on the exhaust side with Borla ceramic headers, a ceramic coated upPipe (not sure which), A Ceramic coated DownPipe from Perrin with a high-flow cat installed, or an AVO catted down-pipe when they come out, then either a borla cat back, or a custom made stainless Magnaflow 2.5" into 2)2.25" cat-back, with their 15 degree slash cut double-walled round exhaust tips behind the mufflers.


I'd go with all the ceramic coatings to keep underhood and firewall temps down a bit, retain more heat energy in the exhaust for the turbocharger, and to heat the catalyst quicker at startup. I probably wouldn't bother with coating the cat-back, unless I just high-temp painted the mufflers black to hide them a bit.


I am not the authority on this stuff at all, though. You really want to check out the Turbo Drivetrains forum on this site. More info than you can wrap your mind around. I get glassy-eyed reading all the stuff on there sometimes.

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However, without voiding the warranty, most of this might be moot.


agreed -- you take that risk when modding.



as far as subaru is concerned --

If they can show that any modded equipment could have help caused the problem – it will void the warranty. So a new air filter might void the warranty on the engine if they can show it caused the problem, however the warranty on other items on the car is still okay (ie:, the filter doesn’t hurt the stereo)

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We have installed several Borla exhausts here in Dallas and the owners have been very happy.


i have no data to back this up, but back when i had a 928, a Porsche tuner told me he didn't like Borla, for the fact that the packing material they use inside their mufflers to quiet the exhaust noise deteriorates over time and the sound gets louder and raspier.


i have no experience with Borlas, this is just what i heard.

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Air Intake...K&N Typhoon best


Although anyone can use whatever they wish for filters and intakes....

Stock air intake with Stock filter = Best without extensive mods


I usually keep quiet about this because most people will tend to disagree. They will point to company dynos... car mags.. etc etc...

Let me just tell you marketing companies run dynos with the aftermarket filter in on the first run and then run it again with the stock filter later when the engine is hot. Plus the hoods are always open, how many people drive with their hoods open? It's marketing rubbish.


Panel filters are not as effective in taking particulates out as the factory paper filter is, so you will increase engine wear. It was designed for very high RPM (where they actually work) race engines and has a short life before you need to clean it, and I mean 5k miles, not what they actually tell you (50k).


The factory filter pulls cool air from outside the engine compartment,

while getting rid of the airbox and putting in a CAI = the cone filter will pull warm air from the area behind the radiator. That's a penalty of up to 15hp.


Yes, the stock airbox and filter is engineered for optimal performance for your engine already, you will not see real gains unless you customize and heatshield your entire intake.


Go search the net for more info on how most panel filters and intakes are useless.

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In terms of intake...


I'd at least go with an oiled foam element in the stock airbox. Reuseable, and filters better than both paper (gets quickly clogged) and Cotton Gauze (less filtering)


A lightly oiled foam element should flow easier, and not gum up MAF sensors like heavier-oiled cotton gauze elements, and longer service life between cleanings, and no replacement.


Just me, I am not saying anyone else has to do so.

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