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Stupid RE92's, made me think I had a flat


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I was driving tonight, and must've gotten a pebble or two in the tire to make a sound and gave me the impression that my tire was low or just about flat. I pull over and visually inspect, looks ok. I decide to drive to a gas station, and their air pump is broken - visually inspect it again - seems ok. I'm driving home seems to be ok until I turn around a corner and it seems like an elephant on ice skates tripping over itself. Now I'm worried - only a mile home. I get home visually inspect them again - they look fine. I let it sit for 10-15 minutes and come out there with the digital tire guage - both fronts are showing 35 psi. Stupid RE92's.


- Mike

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Perfection? Not me, homey :)


Please forgive me for snapping on yet another post about the evils of the RE92s, only this time it has nothing to do with the driveability of the tires (re: mweiner2) but the road noise eminating from them. I hope the original poster never buys a set of RE070s, he'll think all four sets of wheel bearings have failed at once :)

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