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CLK55 AMG, aka: stoplight to stoplight with a 65yr old!

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Today while driving to the office about 7:45am, I come to a stoplight. Road is sleepy except for me and a very shiney ride to my right. Next to me is a black CLK55 AMG with an 'ole white haired dude behind the wheel. I glance his way, and he nods and raises his Starbucks to me. When the light changes, we both peel away! He pulls out 1/2 car length till we reach the next light. Same scenario again this time...tires spinning, he pulls away...slightly.


We reach a third light where he needs to turn right. Before he does so, he glances to his left at me, nods once more, and casually turns and drives off.


Hope that's me when I'm his age:D . Still havin' fun, still not afraid to put the metal down, still peelin' rubber...just for the thrill of it. Of course, once the kids are out and college is paid, we'll have to see what Mercedes is offering in 2020:redface: ;) .

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