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97 legacy outback reverse light problem

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Hello all,

I just bought a Legacy Outback today and I forgot to check that radiator had fluid and that the back up lights. On the way home the top of the radiator blew off and sending anti-freeze everywhere.:eek: After noticing the temp gauge showing overheating pull over and fixed the problem. When I got home I was backing up to leave and my dad noticed my reverse lights were out! :spin::spin: I check the blubs and the fuses, both are fine. I was wondering if anyone knew how to take off the reverse switch off the transmission? It is a manual transmission.



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Checked the Backup lamp switch from the transmission to female/male electrical plug. Took out the male end and put a paper clip in it and the backup light turned on, then replugged the male into the female. Unscrewed the Back up lamp switch from the transmission and pushed the button, jiggled and cleaned it and still no back up lights. So were replacing that part when it get's in on tuesday and hopefully it fixes the problem. I hope this made sense because I don't know the proper names for anything. lol
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