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caliper bolt


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Don't ask me how, but suffice it to say, I'm missing the bolt that holds the OEM caliper closed. You know the one I'm talking about, it has a 14mm head, screws in the back of the caliper. Does anyone know what the dimensions are for this thing? If I have to, I'll wait until Monday and go to a parts dept but until I get it replaced, my car isn't going anywhere.


Is it 12x1.5?

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I had both bolts fall out of one of my rear calipers. Calipers was bouncing around inside the wheel.


No lasting damage, but get it fixed quick. A regular $1 bolt from the hardware store will get you by until you can order a new one. OEM hardware is NOT the same as the nuts and bolts you get at the hardware store.

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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If anyone's wondering, it's part #: 26231FE011 - Slide Pin Bolt (the sales draft says Disc Brake Bolt, <shrug>)


When I first described it to two dealerships around here, they thought I was talking about the piece that the caliper bolt goes into (Slide Pin Lock, 26231AG010). So lesson of the story, go in and look at the diagram they have and identify the part yourself instead of hoping they know what you're talking about.

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