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Has anyone used duplicolor paint. To paint rims yourself?

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I've used Duplicolor wheel and caliper paint with no issues. Proper cleaning, sand paper. 1 can of primer, 3 cans of paint, 2 cans of clear and index cars if you are spraying with tires on.


Proper way - at least one way

If I was to not powder coat and then repaint say BBS, OZ, Volks, etc and wanted high gloss smooth finish with resistance to chipping:


-do a quick sand with rough grit

-clean wheel with a pre paint solution

-spray thick coat with sandable primer

-wet sand it with a fine grit

-wipe down with damp towel let dry for a sec

-spray paint 3 coats of base lightly avoid runs. (have adequate spray distance)

-wet sand with fine grit

-wipe down

-spray 1 last coat of base

-then spray 2 coats of clear whatever you desire




The Quickie

For stockers, rotas, track wheels, just to make it look newer and ok:


-clean wheel surface

-spray primer

-spray 2 base coats

-spray 2 clear coats

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its not the best stuff in the world . i worked for a body shop for a couple of years and if you want the best and durablity out of your paint do this.

1 clean them with prepsol or a wax and grease remover

2 sand them with 100 grit and work your way up to 500 or 600

3 then spary them with this product call bulldog (its tuff stuff make paint still to anything.

4 then spray so self ething primer which gives it another grab.

5 then sand the primer with a 1000 or 1500 grit (wetsand)

6 then clean primer after sand with some wax and grease remover and then use a tack rag to clean any grits of sanding left behind.

7 then respray the bulldog over the primer

8 then spray your color of choice in this part i would recom... u use an acrylic base paint.

9 after paint drys allow to dry 24 hrs or so

10 mount back on car and enjoy

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I used Rustoleum hammered black paint (more of a gunmetal color).


I scraped off as much flaking clear coat as I could.

Roughed up all surfaces to be painted with sandpaper (whatever was laying around)

Washed with dishsoap then dried

2 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of final color

POOF........you just got new wheels for $10 and a little elbow grease.


I don't have a close-up before, but here's the car the day I brought it home....the wheels looked rough.


Here's an after of 1 wheel


And the whole car


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Funny thing I was just about to do this in a couple weeks. This is great info. I really don't know of a good clear coat brand or what not to put on that's in a spray can. Any suggestions for black? (I apologize for jacking the thread slightly)
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