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freshly tinted tails VHT


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photos of my tinted tails. and subaruparts.com window visors.




1. wetsanded with 800 grit

2. wetsanded with 1000 grit

3. wetsanded with 1500 grit


4. taped off reverse section


5. 1 even light VHT coat

6. 30min later 2nd coat


7. one hour later, removed tape from reverse section.


8. wetsanded 1500 grit


9. even coat of VHT

10. another coat of VHT


11. wetsanded 2000 grit


12. 3 coats of clear.




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all i did was watch a lot of videos when i started and asked lots of questions on clubgp.com for my old car. go to a junk yard get a scrap light and practice. ive only begun to learn tape work and masking. my next project is the side mirror lights and trying to design a scheme to eyebrow and tint the corner of my headlights.
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Definetly looks good. I've done quite a few cars with this stuff. Did you wet sand the clear coat?


I don't usually clear over the VHT unless it's on the front of the car. I can spray VHT and make it look like glass (you've got to almost over spray it and it will bond and look just as smooth as lamin-x tint), but when I apply clear it comes up kinda foggy like pics #13,14,15,16. Just wondering if you notice the foggyness at all?

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