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Is there a good paint color that will match paint code 218?

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My 1993 Legacy wagon's hood was replaced years ago after an accident before I got it. The clear Coat is peeling badly and can through quite a glare when the sun is at the right angle too.


So I've been doing some research and the paint code is 218 and is known as Winestone Metallic one place , not sure what Subaru called it.

Don't really want to spend the money on a custom color and the shipping to get it in a rattle can either. One place wants $30 for a 12oz spray can with shipping.


I was wondering if anyone knew a good matching Duplicolor color that I could get at at FLAPS that would match decent.


I do have a cheap HVLP spray gun, and a compressor so I could do it that way too. Just dont know where to get automotive paints around here.




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