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OEM Tweeter kit vs cheap Component set? ('10 2.5i)

Ryan Trevisol

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Hello all! Loving my new Legacy so far, but I have a question for speaker wiring experts.


I have a 2.5i Premium with the base stereo, no tweeters. I plan on upgrading my head unit, and want to add tweets as a first step.


OEM Tweeters run around $65.


For around $80, you can get what seems to be a decent component set of speakers. Adding tweeters while upgrading my woofers sounds like killing two birds with one stone. Fabricating a mount for the aftermarket tweeters isn't a big deal.


So I have two questions. First of all, how good are the stock woofers compared with sub-$100 aftermarket offerings? Will I wish I had better speakers once I upgrade my head unit?


Second of all, since the Leggy has wiring in place for tweeters, do I assume that there is already a crossover incorporated in that wiring? Or would I have to use the crossover included with the component system?


Thanks for any info you can give me!

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