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Air Filters

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So I know this has been discussed before but I need to get a new one and debating going with a reusable one or the cheap drop in one, at least until the top mount intake is done:rolleyes:. Here are the few I am looking at







What do you guys use? Price? Happiness?:confused:

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K&N is great, but it's costly. I think mine ran me $40, but it'll last forever and it gives a noticeable difference in performance. The OEM one that was in mine before was a piece of shit, and was falling apart when I took the airbox out to inspect it. If you're going to use yours for the tmai then get the K&N, but then again we don't know the dimensions yet. you think we should just keep it to spec with the stock airbox so everyone can use their old filters?
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if your gonna spend 40 bucks on a k&n filter think of the 150 ish it would cost to put a performance intake system on, I know the weapon R's are cheap, and thats what i would recommend as there foam filters are indestructible ( same air filter for 7 years on my car, never been cleaned..... )


I will be replacing mine because after 7 years there are visible dust particles inside the foam but im still getting good flow with it.


as my mechanic states K&N gives you more air, but it gives you more dirt aswell. so in longetivity point of view a stock air filter is better.... I would throw a cheap one in and then get a intake, it will make your car sound amazing, give your car better airflow without sacrificing filtration and you wont regret it :)



Im not a fan of the modded airbox either a intake is the way to go.

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