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Tactrix 2.0 in route


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Just ordered my Tactirx 2.0 cable today. Two reasons why... I want to get into the tuning world before I think of doing intakes or downpipes or exhaust... And I would like to have the ability to scan my fiance's 05 Impreza Outback Sport since she has been noting it seems a bit sluggish lately.


Anyone have any good leads on a stage 1 tune for a 07 LGT? I've found a 07 LGT stock map, and a stage 1 specB 08 map... He says to use all the 08 tables in the 07 map, but some don't look the same, or have less values than the 08 file, so I don't think I could copy everything over, but I guess I could go through it one by one and see what I can copy with out issue.

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Ok anyone out there that may know this, PLEASE respond.


My Internal ID came up as A2UI001N now this is the latest bulletin flashed file, And unfortunately its not supported by Rom Raider...


The other Legacy GT file I've seen is a A2UG000N is this the original file that was on the ECM before I got it flashed? Or can I put that file on my ECM so I have a fully supported setup? I just don't know if there are differences in the ECM's themselves and I really cant see Subaru using tons of different computers throughout a year... A bunch of different configurations I can understand though since GM did the same.


Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


Only other thing I know is that the ID A2UI001L is the Spec B. version of the latest bulletin update... and I noticed the A2UG000N file uses the same defninitions as the A2UG000L (07 Spec B.) All of these are Legacy turbo MT files, so I'm only assuming the A2UI001L is an update from the A2UG000L, meaning my A2UI001N is an update from the A2UG000N? that possible? if so that means I could flash the A2UG000N file back to my ECM and start with that.

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