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Turbo questions

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dont know the difference between the 2 but you will definatly have to swap ecus. i would recommend a megasquirt system. if you know what your doing when it comes to tuning, you can do onboard tuning with a laptop with the megasquirt.
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Block is the same. You would have to add the turbo piping and exhaust....as well as an ecu swap or re-program. If you go with a factory EJ22 turbo kit, then Subaru would be able to flash the ecu for you. Anything aftermarket you would have to go to a performance shop that does it.


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Blocks are most definitely NOT the same!


EJ22 Turbo's are closed deck! The bore and stroke remain the same though, but those blocks are built to last, and boy do they ever!


Turbo will have different compression to the N/A's btw. As for the actual EJ22 turbo, the engine is mostly an N/A engine. Seriously, aside from block and piston differences, there's not allot difference.


For a start. they are SOHC, every other turbo EJ is DOHC. They also have the N/A intake manifold, idle controller and all that jazz. They also don't have an intercooler, like every other EJ turbo.

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