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52mm 3 gauge cubby pod?


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The question is.... is it possible? My plan is to have egt, oil temp and pressure in the cubby (boost's on the steering column). Ive got a guy who makes custom gauge pods, but I havnt exactly had a chance to measure the cubby's width to see if its even possible to fit 3 52mm (defi racer) gauges in there.

Anyone ever try or happen to know?

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^:hide: is right...

dont got the coin to go for the prestigious $800 sti 3 gauge cubby pack, although I hear it does add 15whp:rolleyes:.


An A-pillar setup was my second choice either way, so I guess thats now the only. Just a little more expensive than the cubby setup and I wasnt too sure how I'd like it on there, but I think it'll be alright. Any of you guys running a pillar setup? Also, whats the consensus on a column mounted boost gauge? Annoying, too cluttery? or no prob?

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