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FS So.CA/SD: WORK VS (1 piece) 17" 5x100 offset +50 WHEELS


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Hi, my friend asked me to help sell these rims.


Work VS made in Osaka Japan.


17x7.0 5x100 Offset +50 weight=? I guess around 19-20pounds/ea.


Mesh faces were sandblasted down ready for paint but previous owner abandoned the project. Chrome lips still intact.


Overall good shape on them. Only one wheel got a small nick off the chrome lip, but that's about it.


Asking SoCal pickup $850 cash. Item in San Diego. May ship if you present your best offer to your zip code and accepted by the owner.









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Since istealfrombums elegantly brought up a sore subject...


If ANYONE has any questions or concerns regarding ANYTHING about validity of parts or my salesmanship, PLEASE feel free to contact me, PM, email, phone whatever. Thanks. --Long

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You decided to burn bridges and destroy your good reputation on rs25. I'm just informing the public about dealing with a person who does not value integrity and yet has to return wheels that do not belong to oneself.


Again, if you or anyone else has concerns, feel free to contact me, my personal information phone number and address had been conveniently posted on rs club without my permission by someone whom you deem has more integrity than myself. PM me if you would like the scoop in person. I have nothing to hide.


You have an opinion, which is not a matter of fact. Everyone else moved on, you should too. And stop stealing from bums. I can donate if you need help.


By the way--again--these wheels here are not mine, as opposed to the wheels you question which are. So please leave this ad in peace. Could have easily posted this ad in my friend's screen name, but again he wanted me to help, plus again I have nothing to hide. Don't worry about my reputation, because I'm not.

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istealfrombums please make sure you have read the full thread that you shared. Go over the following posts and then talk to me anytime. Moral of the story is informed decision.






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