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So i have 07 2.5gt wagon 5EAT. The car has since i got it with about 32k on it occasionally from a stop with light acceleration shifts from 1st to second very harshly and is like a jolt. that happens from time to time. i would say in an average week of driving maybe once or twice. The new issue is i was driving up on some back roads and was going up a hill and i believe i was in 3rd and the car was about to shift to 4th and it started to surge like 4 or 5 times then shifted into 4th. this had happened probably like 4 months ago going up another steep hill and i thought nothing of it really. Now driving to work today i started getting that surging sensation on the freeway on even ground. surging between 3k and 3.5k. Any clues as to what the heck is going on?! :confused: no engine mods besides drop in k&n
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