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I just dropped my headrest (well the leather cover) off at a local stitching shop to get the Subaru logo embroidered on. The lady digitized the logo for me and is doing it in a shiny blue, about the same as the usual Subaru royal blue. She charged me $10 a piece to sew and $35 to digitize the logo. Once she has it in the computer she can do it on anything for me for around $10 now. Maybe some new pillow cases for my bed or somethingh:lol: . Well Ill get some pictures up next week when she gets them done. The covers are very easy to get off, and the inside foam looks like it would be very easy to install some TVs (maybe a summer project!). If anyone wants me to have theirs done you can just send them to me and Ill have them done for you so you wont have to pay to have it digitized! ;)
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Guest *Jedimaster*
better hope she didn't f up the active head restraint or it'll donkey punch you at the stop light


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