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Fluids to Replace and/or Other Maintenance

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So i'm GT is coming up on 50k miles. I like to do all my own maintenance, and really have no idea as to when any fluid changes were performed on my car before I owned it. So I decided to do a clean sweep at 50k miles, replacing all fluids and doing quite a bit of maintenance at that point, so my car would be "reset" as far as maintenace goes. Below is a list of what I plan on doing at 50k miles, what i'm wondering is if there is anything else that would be good to replace now and/or anything on my list which really doesn't need to be done until a certain interval (like 60k miles)? On to the list


Replace both front accessory belts (one of them's making noise, figured i'd do both)

Change Oil

Coolant flush

Change Trans Fluid

Change Front and Rear Diff Fluid


Anything else that would be a good idea at this point?

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