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Remember Kids, always tip your bartender!


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Good night! Stopped in at a nearby fancy pizzeria/wine bar to say hi to the bartender/sommelier (level 2 sommelier). She first opened a bottle of wine she knew I liked for me to sample ... then we started talking and she asked me if I was in the mood for anything else. I mused that I missed sampling her "special" bottles she used to have (usually rejects from customers that weren't actually bad).


She stepped back and pulled out a $100 bottle of wine (probably about $50 in a liquor store) and poured it for me. Then she just gave me the bottle. No charge ... just gave it to me. Tipped her $20 and she even yelled at me for leaving a tip. :lol:


Hell, she corked it for me ... no matter what, I'm still ahead! :)

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