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What should I price my 2007 Outback at?

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Hi guys, getting ready to sell my 07 Outback. Trying to decide what to price it realistically.


Blue Book Private Party says $13,000 in excellent condition. However I see a lot of 07s for around $15k+ with the same miles. Let me know what you guys think, I'm in no hurry buy probably want it gone by the end of the year.


Below is the ad I've come up with to sell it.


2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i PZEV


Anti-Lock Brakes

Symmetrical AWD

Front, Side, Head Curtain Air Bags

Obsidian Black Pearl on Black Cloth


Cruise Control

Heated Front Seats, Mirrors and Windshield

Keyless Entry with Security Alarm

2 Regular Keys, 2 Key Fobs, 1 Valet Key

Power Driver Seat

Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror

Fog Lights

Extending Arm Rest

AM/FM/MP3 CD with AUX port

Roof Rack

Floor Mats

Cargo Liner

Cargo Cover

Cargo Net

Tinted Glass

17" x 7.5" Alloy Wheels

98,000 Miles, Mostly Freeway


I'm looking to sell my 2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i with the options listed above. I'm the original owner, I took delivery in April 2007, brand new from Subaru of Thousand Oaks with 128 miles on the odometer. At the time this was the last 2007 with this black/black non-two-tone color combination. For the past 3 years, I've been using it to commute from Ventura to Calabasas on the 101, this car hasn't seen a lot of city driving. This car is the "2.5i" model, not to be confused with the "2.5i Basic", which don't have heated seats, power driver seat, fog lights, 17" alloys, cargo net/liner, cruise, etc.


I'd consider this to be a very well sorted car for the miles. I have all the maintenance records from day one, including oil changes, service, tires, parts, etc. I've spent a little over $3000 over its life to maintain this car, including 3 sets of tires, so I consider this car to be very cheap to maintain.


The 2.5i is bulletproof. The 2.5-liter boxer four uses a single overhead cam design and the i-Active Valve Lift system to make 175 horsepower at 6000rpm and 169 lb-ft of torque at 4400rpm. I usually average around 25 mpg city/highway, the EPA calls for MPG of 20 city/29 hwy.


Besides the standard 2.5i package, this Outback feature a few factory accessories, including a Self-Dimming Rear View Mirror, Cargo Net and Extending Arm Rest.


I got the 5-speed because I drove the 4-speed automatic and with this engine, it wasn't a good combination. I suggest you drive both, unless you are totally turned off to a manual. The manual transmission is also geared a little better because it uses a 50/50 split front to back, vs the automatic which uses a Front Wheel Drive bias 60/40 split.


I've done mostly synthetic oil changes, but the dealer recently recommended switching back to conventional, so I've done that for the last two oil changes.


The current tires on the car are All-Season Yokohamas and have about 12,000 miles on them, they show very little wear, I'd say they're 9/10. If you're looking at other Subarus, I recommend replacing the factory Bridgestone tires, they're garbage.


The catalytic converters were replaced in Feb 2010 under warranty. There was a recall.


The windshield cracked on a trip up north, it was replaced at about 80,000 miles with a factory windshield (not cheap)


The throwout bearing started making noise earlier in the year, so I had the clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing replaced in February at a cost of $850.


Overall, the exterior of the car is pretty clean. There are a few scratches on the front bumper from a snowbank and a mark from where it had an egg hit it, shown in photos. Other than that, I'd rate the body a 9/10. I had the hood repainted at the dealer when it was brand new because they put a scratch in it.


The interior is in good condition as well. I'd give it a 9/10. The cloth seats are in very nice condition, there are no spills or rips. The carpet is in awesome, always used the floor mats. There is a cargo area liner as well and the carpet back there is basically brand new.


As far as anything that has been modified, I believe in keeping my cars as stock as possible, but with that said, I've changed a few things since it's left the dealer. Keep in mind, any modifications I've done to the car are extremely clean, no junk…


• I did not like the wheels that came with the car, so I switched them out with wheels from a 2007 WRX wagon, 3 are 10/10, one is 8/10 because there is a little chip (see photo).

• I modified the shifter to give a shorter throw, this make it much easier to shift.

• I removed the orange reflectors from the headlights, this gives what I consider a cleaner look to the car, similar to what Subaru uses from the factory in other countries.

• I've removed the badging from the rear of the car except the oval Subaru badge. I can replace if you would like.

• I painted the front chrome ring on the grill to black. This is a cheap part if you want to replace.

• The factory stereo didn't cut it for me. Rather than replacing the whole unit, I added amplifier under the passenger seat and re-routed to the speakers.

• Added 20% tint to all windows.

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I may be missing it but I didn't see a mileage listed, except that it's over 80k miles.


Just for example, I bought a 06 OBXT about a month ago and spent low $15s with 72k. Not a steal by any means, but the car was ultra clean, one owner, and the color/trans combo I wanted so I'm very happy with the purchase. I'm going to say yours would be in the $13k range with that many miles. Good luck with the sale!

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Well, IMO any number you come up with now will not be the same come 7 months from now. Added miles and a whole new year of vehicles come out around Oct-Nov.


I should have clarified, I'm putting the car up for sale now, but not in a hurry to sell it. I imagine I'll be lowering it every month until it sells.

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The prices asked(dreams) vs what a seller actually gets is drastically different things.


Some "book" prices reflect what is paid, not asked.


Personally I would have a huge flag on buying any car over $8k with 100k+ whatever the brand.

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