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WRX Pedals


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Told my dealer, I wouldn't buy the car unless it came with the WRX pedals.


"No, not the f-ing pussy STI pedals!! The stock WRX pedals. Yes, you can put them on a Legacy damn it!!"


The parts guy needed to look up the part numbers, but came back and said OK.


Cost me $100 for parts and labor - for a manual.


Worth every f-ing penny!!!!


Much better then the normal pedals - looks cooler then the pussy STI pedals. Feel better too.


Now, I just need the Dead pedal that I paid $40 to show up and complete the look.


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Ok, I don't think the STi pedals are "pussy", but would choose the WRX ones over the STi ones. I don't mind the pink or "cherry blossom red", though.


They look good. Did you order an Autometer deadpedal or the one from Kastle's Korner?


On another note, could you please try using a different word next time when describing the STi pedals.

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Uh, didn't mean to offend - it is just humor.


Words mean different things to different people.


What is funny to many maybe offensive to others. F-ing p-ies!!!! Better?;)


I got the one from Kastle's - at least I think I did - haven't heard back from them.

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