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Got tickets?


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There have to be some wicked funny or ridiculous stories out there about encounters with the cops and tickets... lets hear them!:spin:

Or for your Police people out there, any funny stories about Subaru encounters? Fire fighters any good stories or wrecks... any PICTS?

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I got pulled over a few months ago for failure to signal lane change and speeding after I passed a guy that I followed through a 2 lane area at 10 below the speed limit. It went from 2 to 4 lanes, so I downshifted, whipped around him without signaling, sped up past the limit, and then whipped back in (also without signaling). Little did I know that a nice police officer followed me and proceeded to pull me over. The following conversation took place:

Him: Where are you in such a hurry to get to tonight?

Me: My girlfriend's place. You know how it is when the girlfriend calls. If you're not there right when you hang up, you're late

Him: *laughing* Yep been there before.


He then explained why he pulled me over and ran my license and everything. He came back to my car and returned my information and ended with this...


Him: Well I think I've held you up enough, I don't want your girlfriend mad at me too. I'm going to let you off with just a written warning, but next time, I think she'll be happier if you go the speed limit and don't get held up by us officers.


I thanked him and went on my way. Its true what the comedian Gabriel Iglesias says, "If you can make 'em laugh, they're a lot less likely to write you a ticket"

It's cool; I'm with the band
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I got pulled over driving a very modded Honda by a female cop who came up to me and said


"You can't modify your exhaust to make it louder."


To which I replied


"I didn't!!! I modified it to make it faster!"


She let me go. 100%TRUE STORY

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long time ago I got pulled over by a prick that went to the academy with my dad....well it turns out they still didnt get along and he got me good. He gave me 7 tickets (dont remember what exactly they were) but he put 6 of them for the same court date and 1 was a week later. I never noticed it and went to court, paid my fines and thought I was good to go. Well a couple months go by and I got pulled over, but this time for no reason. Cop walks up and says he ran my plates and it came back that I had a suspended license and a warrant for my arrest. I ended up getting handcuffed to a pipe on a wall inside the police station (almost 4 hours) until a friend of mine could come and give me the money to pay the fine. I even asked the cop if we could stop at an ATM on the way to the PD so that we could make it a quick process and he simply laughed at me. Paid the fine, went straight to DMV showing them the paperwork and had my license reinstated......all this hassle because of a prick cop holding a grudge against my father (whom I havent spoken to in years)
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Wasnt me in this one, but I was there to witness it.


About 8 years ago I went to a car meet and afterwards we all went to a restaraunt. On the way this one celica ran a red light to keep up with everyone else and a cop pulls him over. Cop took his information and walks back to the car, and as he is walking away, the driver in the celica reaches down and grabs a bottle of something, screams out "F*** THE PO-PO" and takes a swig....somehow the cop never noticed.


I almost pissed myself watching that.

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