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How to remove front seats.

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My sliders are working like shit in the front they also have a lot of crap. I want to take them out so I can clean them and re-grease the slider.


Anyone know how to take them out?

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i have only 4 per seat. 2 front and 2 back. but there is move for 6.

yea. 12 or 14 mm. take front and then slide seat forward to reach the back ones.


There is move for 6? lol


I didn't see a DIY it must be that easy :p Didn't look very hard in the back.

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there are 6 on mine as well - just had passenger side out for the first time the other day as i was picking up some parts and needed the extra space. literally took me 10 minutes. two up front, then slide the seat forward on the rails, remove the plastic moldings and there you you have 4 more on the back.


it's one of those thing mate you just gotta get in there and figure it out.,.. not hard

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Not hard at all for the front ones.


1- Unbolt the bolts might have only 4 or 5 or 6 per seat :) My 96' had 5 bolts.. 2 front 3 back.


The rear is tricky if you don't think.


Rears Bottom Half

1- Unbolt the bottom seat 1 bolt each side

2- Then slide the bottom half back towards trunk and

3- Push down then pull the seat while pressing down towards the front of car.


Sedan Rear Top Half

1- unbolt the 2 lower bolts

2- unlock the rear seat backs as if you need to access trunk space(if you don't unlock them the seats will not come off.)

3- lift seat back up (both sides) and pull towards the front of car.

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