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Mods if this is in the wrong section... I am sorry.


Hey Guys and Gals,


I was just thinking, I haven't seen any threads of agents/fellow Subie owners offering their service. I am an insurance agent in So Cal. Fullerton to be exact. If anyone is in the market for an insurance quote, send me a PM. I would put my office number on here, but I am not sure if that is ok(with this forum).


I am a broker (even though most insurance compainies don't allow us to charge them) so I have a wide range of insurance companies I deal with.


Some of the large companies I work for are Mercury, Safe Co, Prgressive ect... If you are unhappy with your agent or would like an agent let me know. There are ways to go about getting an agent without the hassle of starting all over again.


So if you need any quotes on ANYTHING shoot me a Pm with a telephone number I can call you at or an email.


Thank you for your time.


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Listed below are things that will help me get the most accurate quote:




Zip Code

Vehicle (year, make model)

Driving record past 3 years

Dui 10 years



Type of coverage (limits and deductables)

How you are driving the vehicle (work, school, pleasure)

Annual milage

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For homeowners insurance:



Any Losses in last 5 years

Any special updates other than when it was built

Any dogs (list breeds and how many)

And limits of liability



****I want to make sure that all who inquire on quotes. I will, in no way solicit your info to anyone. I give you my word on that.

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You can become a vendor on this forum. I am an independent insurance agent in CT and I am a vendor on ctsubie.com and ctsubaru.com


it has brought in some good business so far so I suggest you get yourself on Cali car forums its def worth it in the end.

I was 0.




And I'm still a zero.



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I can't recall if I told you or not so free apology bump...


Several days before the OP the wifey sent off all the insurance payments for the next 6mo to a year. We pay all at once to save extra.

We will definately be contacting you for price shopping and comparison before committing to re-upping our current ins contracts. I did not know that she had just paid earlier that week as she keeps track of most of the finances (just being honest!).

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