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retune on saturday....any last minute mods???


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Mods list:


3" catless DP/CB

Invidia EL header/uppipe

grimm TGV's

grimm AOS

grimm 3mm phenolics

grim ebcs

perrin turbo inlet

KStech73mm CAI

itsme FMIC

perrin pulley

fresh plugs, just installed



upgraded BOV

BNR 20g


any other last-minute mods i should get on before then that may make the difference?

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A great big turbo.


Seriously though, I don't see anything missing from that list. Maybe a midpipe and y-pipe but I dunno if it's practical to get one by Saturday and I doubt the gains are substantial with the stock turbo. In fact I'm not sure where to get them, I heard Perrin stopped making the set that I have.

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yeah went with Doug at top speed. 104oct will be on hand.


Was actually going to have you tune it(as we discussed) but my deal on a windows based machine and my wideband fell through, and TS rate was going to be less than the the wideband was so I stuck with the Cobb for now.

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re adjusted and checked all IC piping, checked the inlet tube, and all my vac lines. seems solid. smoke test will go down before tuning starts to be sure.


clean maf, check.

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and the tune is off yet again. shop cant get one of the studs extracted from the header and wont have the right bit in time to get it installed....set back number 302948209......
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