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Help me find some wheels


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So after this topic I'm starting to think about maybe keeping my BBS STI for autoX and getting a new set of wheels for daily driving (wpmarky got me thinking for a while). However, I don't know much about what wheels are available on the market except maybe rota wheels.


So here are my criterias:


-Must be 17X7.5

-Must NOT be vulgar (by that I mean aggressive racing/rice/bling). I'm looking for something for grown ups. No nonsense colors either, I'll probably look into silver wheels.

-Must look nice (of course) I really like the straight 10 spoke designs and also a little bit some of the mesh designs (similar to RG-R's).

-Must be reasonably priced (Otherwise I'd already be with BBS RG-R's)

-Must not be stupid heavy. Let's say reasonably 20lbs max.


If I can find something interesting by the time I receive my new tires, I'll probably go that way. Otherwise I'll stick with my BBS STI's for daily driving and get cheap wheels for autoX.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Five Axis Design | Five:AD wheels


they are available in 17x7.5 in 5x100


pm me if your interested

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what about these?




enkei imola, running for $140 on tirerack, weighing in at about 20lbs; fairly clean design though i'm not sure if i have seen them on a legacy yet, i feel like the overall look would be O-K but probably not completely flowing with the legacy, but def in the price range.


17x7.5 is a tough dimension for wheels, i feel like 17x8 has a lot more options

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