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06 OBXT Shuts Off when Cold

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I would like to get this last problem fixed so I can sell this lemon in good conscience.


The problem only occurs after the car has sat overnight. It starts and idles fine when started cold. If I drive it and then let the engine return to idle and have not driven it for longer than 2 to 3 minutes, the car shuts off. When I watch the RPMs after pushing in the clutch I can see them slowly fall to idle speed of about 700, they stay there for no more than a second, and then drop to zero as if I had turned the ignition off. If I let the clutch back out it will refire without problem. If it happens when I stop and need to use the starter to refire the engine, it takes lots of cranking and builds up rpms slowly until it will catch and run. There are no codes.


For reference it does it stock and with Cobb stage1. Car is stock. I have replaced injectors and plugs. Timing belt was just done as well and I have verified the timing belt is on correctly. OCVs have also been done recently and I pulled and cleaned the new ones as well. Vacuum at idle is about 8.6 psi. I used up an entire can of carb cleaner looking for a vacuum leak without any luck.



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I got exactly same problem on the stock engine.

This started happening about six month ago and I am still not finding anything.

One thing I noticed is that it does not happen at higher altitude (over 5000 feet). But at sea level it happens every morning.

Hopefully someone has a solution for this.

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Well I had enough of this. No solutions from here or from my Subaru dealer/service department.


Here is my solution, adios OBXT I'm NOT going to miss you.



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