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Lawl & Saul @ SOW May 2, 2010


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Just some pics of the guys in action @ this event.


Saul_good = RBP LGT

Lawl = Silver s2k

















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Saul your first name or last name? its my last.. looks like u were having a blasty blast out there.


Hehehe neither really. Just something i pulled out my butt several years back.


I see you're at WPAFB. I was there from 04-08. Used to got to Putnam Park and Mid-Ohio when I was out there.

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Luis i got this:


Saul_good just went from MR coilovers to RCE Tarmac1 Coils...(and loves them) along with a miriad of cusco supporting peices. :)


Thanks Merv--spot on! Let me also forgot to mention the 500/500 (9k/9k) springs :p since most people i've seen order the 400/400 springs with this kit.

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LSD too? ;)

How do you like the 500 lbs springs for the street? Although, does CA even have bumpy roads? hehe

A lot of my friends are running KW on their Evo and STI and really like them


Yups FLSD too. Like whitetiger found out first, it totally transformed the car and reduces understeer when getting on the gas. You can feel it pull you around a corner.


I love the spring rates and the ride quality is great, so great that I called RCE and asked if they gave me the proper springs because the ride was so cushy on their street settings (much more road compliant than my former MRs). When i dialed in there recommended track settings and drove to SOW, THEN it was rough, but the street setting is nite and day.

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