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First log, not sure what I'm looking at...


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The good news is your IAM is still at 1. However you're pulling timing under decent engine load and boost. What mods do you have? Is it an accessport ots map, or a custom map/tune?
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OS dyno tune from a supposedly reputable tuner. I have an Invidia dp, Cobb intake, GFB bov at 50/50, Perrin TMIC, and X02 CBE. Every once ina while I also get some wicked hesitation 1st and 2nd gear coming from a stop during slow acceleration.


I can send u my map if you want to take a look at it.

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I could tell you've had a bit of work done because of the engine loads you're reaching. I would send a PM to Infamous, who does custom e-tunes with revisions to make sure your car isn't pulling timing anymore, and that there ane not any other problems.
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Some observations, in no particular order:


AFR isn't logged. You should get a wideband. :)


You're logging Manifold Relative Pressure twice. I'd remove both and use the 2-byte version. The extra precision of the 4-byte version isn't useful and the other one tops out at 18.43, so it's wrong part of the time.


IAM stays at 1.0, that's good.


Fine Learning Knock Correction (FLKC) stays zero, that's good.


Feedback Knock Correction (FBKC) happens twice, but fades to zero quickly. That's a small cause for concern. Do another pull and see if you get FBKC or FLCK at the same RPM & Load where you got FBKC in that log. If you do, you should turn your timing down a little bit at that RPM & Load area. Or add fuel in that area. Your timing is not particularly high, but it would help to know what your AFR is.


20psi is a lot of boost for the stock turbo, but apparently it's not a problem, because your knock events happened at 16 and 13 psi. Boost looks pretty well controlled, just looking at the numbers.


If you have Excel you should make a scatter plot showing boost over RPM, MAF over RPM, and Load over RPM. Sometimes charts show things that are hard to spot when looking at columns of numbers.


You're pulling just under 250 g/s max. That's about what I was doing with 'stage 2' upgrades, and it got me 267whp on a local Dynojet. I don't remember what timing I was running but I suspect it wasn't far off from what you've got.


Knock Sum increments a couple times after the pull, but the ECU doesn't care about knock at such low loads.


106mph is moving pretty fast. Stay safe out there. :)

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Which AFR should I use? And I didn't notice I was logging Manifold pressure twice.

I'll do another pull tomorrow after work.

It's nice to be able to do pulls on a private air strip :D (I just don't think the stock wing provides enough lift for take-off)

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You'll need a wideband to get accurate AFR when you're in boost. The stock sensor gets confused under boost (reads richer or leaner, I forget which) and the ECU won't report numbers lower than 11.1 or so.
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Got a few more logs in today, but was having issues with RomRaider timing out mid run, so my 5th gear log isn't logged to redline.


Tell me what you think. Should I go back to my tuner? Or should I try to resolve my issue myself with help through here?







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Try those, and see what the table looks like in Learning View. If the last row and column aren't 6000+ and 2.5+ then fudge them a bit, like use increments 800 or 1200 instead of 1000 for RPM.


The first column in the Load axis is 1.0 rather than 0.5 (which might seem more intuitive at first) because the ECU doesn't listen for knock below about .5 or .75 load. They also usually don't listen at low RPM, so consider raising the lowest RPM row too, after checking what your "Fine Correction Range (RPM)" is.

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