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Is 300 shipped the best deal on a 08 legacy spoiler ?

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yeh swapping is the best way to go, A lot of people that i know who has a spoiler hates it and they will swap it in a heart beat if they ever find an offer.


I think its best if you just get a Trunk lip instead of spoiler.


this is better...




just my 20 cents.

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What color leggy do you have? I would trade with you. I have a DGM. Let me know.


Diamond gray metallic ? thats what i have.


Wow. Cant believe so many people dont like the wing.


im in queens NY. im up for it.


you guys know how to take it off and put it back on ?

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Hey Mike do you know if the 07 and 08 trunks are the same? I've got the swap lined up with the OP but just want to make sure they're the same. I know the bumpers and lights aren't but thought the trunks are the same.
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