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Track Days at Watkins Glen, NY: May 2-3


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Come one, come all. http://forums.mbworld.org/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif Ian Prout of SCDA (www.scda1.com) asked me to spread the word, there will be a two-day event on Monday, May 2nd, and Tuesday, May 3rd, at the legendary Watkins Glen raceway (www.theglen.com), home to one of the most amazing road courses in North America...IMHO, of course. http://forums.mbworld.org/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif


For those of you that have never attended a high performance driving event, SCDA runs a nice show, providing you with approximately 2 hours of actual driving on the track each day. In between, there will be class sessions to discuss racing line theory, tire pressures, car setups, etc. If you have no experience (and even if you do, and at your request), instructors will ride shotgun with you to make sure that you don't do something stupid.


This is NOT a competition of any sort (no timing devices, no prizes, no trophies, etc.), so don't show up expecting to win anything. There are strict rules for passing and the like.


You drive your own car, so it's a great way to really learn the limits of your own car's characteristics. (It's also neat to be able to experience the improvements in handling and speed as you do mods to your car.) Cost is not cheap: $275 for one day, $450 for both days. Don't forget to factor in hotel/motel, food and gas. But I think it's well worth the cost.


I personally have eight track days under my belt, seven of them with SCDA. I might be biased, but I think they're a great group of people and instructors, and it's just an awesome experience. Visit the SCDA website for more info (www.scda1.com) and to download an application form, and feel free to post up any other questions you may have -- I'll do my best to answer them.



Andy :) | My Whips :redface:
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One Lap events at Summit Point Raceway, that's why ;)


Salazar Racing One Lap:









(I have more of the other cars.. took over 100 pics.. need to resize all of them).



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