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Good internet wheel sites?


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Just wondering those of you who have ACTUALLY bought from them...(or dealt with them directly)....


1. Name of shop (a direct link to it would be great :) )

2. Would not recommend/might recommend/highly recommended shop

3. Who you spoke to (if you still remember), do you RECOMMEND the sales person?

4. Did you get what you ordered the FIRST TIME? or did you have to use up all your cell phone minutes in trying to get the right things sent to you.

5. How was there price and choices?


Your feedback is greatly appreciated:) ...Please add any additional comments under the 5 basic questions.

In Taiwan now...:spin:
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Wow, arent you asking for much. :p



recommended by racers

dont recall the person

yes, I got what I ordered, phone is fine, email was just as fast

standard MSRP pricing, large choices



I can go on and on of the 10 other places I bought wheels and tires from, just stay tune to my post here. I will just add all the ones I dealt with and post all in one reply.



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