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The Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread


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Thank you for the correction. I guess I must have my numbers / measurements mixed up. So then there's the 18 x 7.5 vs the 18 x 8.5. I can't remember which I bought in the past. :confused:


Just check the back of your current wheels and they should be stamped with your width and offset

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New to the forum. Just purchased a 2019 Legacy Sport. Came from a 2018 Forester. I have some Work Wheels I want to install in the next week or so. Had the wheels on a WRX previously. I wasn’t sure if these wheels would fit, but after looking through the forum, I’m happy to see they will fit!









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I thought all Foresters are still 5x100 PCD. All 2014+ WRX and all 2015+ Legacy/Outback are 5x114.3 PCD. ET should be similar. Edited by SBT
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This was a thing back in 08ish on nasioc.. neckbreak and doubletake black and gold ROTA's.








Nice ROTA's. I almost bought a fake one online. Yes, they sell fake ROTA rims. Good thing, a friend warned me about it. So now I am currently checking out the rim selection on 4wheelonline. I just might go for American Racing rims.

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Bremmer Kraft BR10 in Speedway Grey. 18x8 +45 with 225/40 Kumho Ecsta PA31 tires. Lowered on H&R sport springs. No rubbing issues.




nicest car in the thread imo

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This is 225/40 on 18x8 +46, lowered ~1.25" all around, AVO offset front LCA bushings, and some F/R negative camber - would be issues w/o negative camber at the rear me thinks. Think these were NeoGens (what came with the wheels) IIRc and were replaced with 225/40x18 MPS ASes (my fav tire...always).


love these wheels on the wagon!

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