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The Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread


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I don't believe it's been created, so post em up. Please comment, when you can on suspension, rim type, rim size and tire size and type.


To clarify, this thread is for pictures of any aftermarket wheels fitted onto an actual Legacy. Photoshops are probably ok, provided they are done tastefully/professionally.




Wheel size (Diameter, Width, Offset and PCD if non-stock):

Tire size:

Vehicle changes made to accommodate the combination:




Mods, sticky???


Further edit:


For all - This is a data/picture only thread. Please follow the template in this post to post up your vehicle, wheel, tire, suspension setup, etc.


This is not the thread for posting questions about whether something will "fit", look good, cause problems, create work, etc..


It is also not the thread to compliment someone on their setup... post "thanks" excepted.


Please post questions and any comments in the FAQ thread found here

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Added clarification
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ummm, this can be one LONG list.. I would be posting forever.. there are just too many rims to list.... do you want this to be a thread for photos of aftermarket wheels?? or just wheels that can fit on a GT? Or living proof of the member's wheels of what they have fitted on their car? Cuz this list can really get really long.. It's best to leave it as an on-going thread for now since everyone will be putting their two cents in... we try to reserve the sticky portion to be quick reference look ups as more of a FAQ or Temporary Notices for certain sections.


If the thread gets long enough with a lot of information and pics, I will re-evaluate the content and sticky it if need be.



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My neighbor has HRE's on her IS3 and my dad's buddy has HRE's on his cobra.


Hottest rims ever.



Dude...we now know what HRE stands for...Hottest Rims Ever...lol...actually I believe they were Hayashi Racing Enterprise...then the original owner sold it to the company that owns it now and their marketing department totally projected the whole high-class, high-profile nameplate. They are not the best rims made but they sure as hell look the part. Too bad after spending alot of money on a set for a LGT, you still wouldn't have much of a lip.

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as for my contribution:


prodrive gc-10



prodrive gc-05



prodrive pff-7



prodrive gc-06



BBS GS-GT - not to sure on that though



BBS LM & prodrive gc-07


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These are photoshops and all I have to console myself until the new job starts this summer and I take the leap... let me know what you think.


LGT stock on OBXT



Prodrive 7 - 17"



Prodrive 7 - 18"


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