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Velox Javlin J-2 18x7.5 42mm offset + Nitto Invo 235/40/18 tires just installed


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Well here they are.. Yes I know 235/40 looks a bit "doughy" hah!


Stock 2008 Spec B wheels are 215/45/18 7" width and a 55mm offset, I was misinformed that it was 52mm.


New wheels are 235/40/18 7.5"width and a 42mm offset, this DOES NOT FIT THE REAR. If your shocks are worn or you are the least bit lowered, it will rub on the metal fender on the rear (see picture 11). I have one new shock in the rear and that side does not rub the fender, however the older shock side does. All my alignments are correct. They rub in the rear, even with the rubber strip removed from the edging of the metal part of the fender.


Acutal specs are as follows (see pic 15 and 16)....that is a comparison of stock vs my custom wheel


So the whole package clears the struts, clears the wheel well but rubs on the freaking fender!!! ( see picture 11)


Time to roll the fenders or else this combo wont work. The fronts show no issues of rubbing, even in turning but Ill roll the front fenders as well.


I have a question, what do I do about the flare in the fender that extends to the bumpers? They are plastic/urethane, do they get heated and rolled too?


I think I could have saved rolling the fender, and sticking with this rim setup, if I had gone to a 215/45 or 225/40 tire. I would have done 215/45 if it was available in the Invo.


Thanks for input/comments.



















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+42 to +48 = 6mm.


The fender lip is over 20mm, rolling will solve my problems, without changing offset.


Did you roll JM? are you lowered?


edit: rolling didnt solve my problems, negative camber might

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update pics


still rubbing with fender roll on the rears, front fit fine, might return these for 18x8.5" @ +48


not sure yet, still debating negative camber adjustments



hub-centric spacers are kinda a must have ;)





hella wide :S




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Im entertaining the idea of returning the rims, only due to the complications im having and in no way (well 1%) due to their look.



Im wondering if pulling 1 degree of negative camber will solve my issues.



Im keeping the tires, i know that. If i switch up to a rim with +48 offset (+6mm over the ones i just bought) and increased rim width to 8.5" (1" wider over above) If that would stretch the tires enough to squeeze them into the fender well.



current: 18x7.5 +42mm on 235/40/18. They stick out 23mm toward the fender from stock



next option: 18x8.5 +48mm on 235/40/18, that would only stick out 17mm toward the fender from stock, however the 235 would be stretched a bit more.



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rubbing still, no camber/alignment adjustments yet,


its also rubbing here... (see red arrow in pic)


the tire hits it, and keeps popping the plastic clip out.


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