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OCDetails - hats off

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I'm a sucker for good recommendations and although I've been pleased with 3M and Meguiars products in the past, OCD was really pushing Wolfgang and S100 so I figured I'd give them both a try.


My weapon of choice is a Cyclo dual action polisher. If you've never used one of these and intend to detail your own car from here to eternity so to as amortize the investment, I highly recommend you buy one of these. Not cheap (~$260 + pads) but it's simply the best machine you can buy for the job and it will probably outlast your next 10 cars :) Even if you've never used a polisher you can't screw up your paint with this machine and it makes detailing fun instead of a chore.


Anyhoo, back to my detail review:


I used Mother's clay bar to prep, a light application of Meguiars swirl remover to finish the prep, and moved on to the Wolfgang sealant before finishing off with a hand rubbed coat of S100.


It's too bad the paint is so textured on my silver wagon because these products work, and they work extremely well. Harder to tell on a silver car, but the paint has that silky smooth quality and comes close to having the look of wet paint. Both the Wolfgang and S100 were extremely easy to apply and remove, and there was no residue whatsoever. I went as far as to apply the sealant to the trim pieces just to give 'em some extra protection.


OCDetails, I gotta give it to you, your recommend on those products was dead on. I've never used an better sealant and S100 is unlike any wax I've used in it's application and ease of removal.


FYI, I use microfiber towels to remove what little residue there was as these products like to be used sparingly. Microfiber is the best thing to happen to detailing since the invention of the orbital :)


Thanks again, and I'll look for your next reviews on products.

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:) Those are products that I know I can recommend without hesitation or fear that the user won't like them. Wolfgang is a product that almost instantly changes the appearance of the paint. I've never used anything like it. For best results you should probably wait about 24 hours before topping it with S100, but it works both ways. If you think it looks good now then you should bust out the paint cleaner and start over. Get three coats of Wolfgang on with 24 hours between coats and then top it with S100. You won't believe how good that looks. :cool:


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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Well, it is just a Legacy :)


While I'd love to commit to an all-out mission to have truly outstanding paint, I just don't have the time it takes to get it there. My first concern was to have a good layer of protection on the car since it's parked outside at work all day. Super shiny paint is an added benefit :)



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