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Ferrari > Ford Ranger > Hyundai Accent

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So yesterday I had to go out for a pre-employment drug test where the closest lab was 60 miles away. Not to worried about the test considering I don't do drugs. I was driving my 2002 2.3L Ford Ranger since I don't have my LGT yet...


Anyways as I was cruising along I spotted an older Ferrari 308 (think Magnum PI). It needed a serious wax job, the exhaust didn't sound all that great and it smoked a little on acceleration. I didn't care though I thought it was awesome and think it was probably the best looking car on the road. I just love Ferraris so I was real happy. He finally got some open road and opened it up and he took off.


A little later I got onto the expressway and there is a Hyundai accent behind me that is looking like he wants to get up to speed asap and pass me. The entrance to the expressway is a very long extra lane so I figure since there is no real traffic I will just hang out in the extra lane and get up to speed there. Did I mention that I am driving a base model 2.3L Ford Ranger. I floor it (the only way to get the truck moving) and just absolutely walk away from the Accent who got over in the other lane to get past the 'slow' truck in front of him. It was borderline pathetic because I think my truck is a solid 17 sec car...


So I learned that a busted old Ferrari is still way cool and a brand new Accent is still a POS.

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My wife's step brother took his ford ranger to the local track Friday night and ran an 18.5, he took the exhaust off and everything. He helped me take some trash to the local dump yesterday and needless to say I was a little embarassed riding around in a loud ass ford ranger with 18.5 written on the passenger side window.
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