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Thanks for the replies to my earlier question to help me decide between the LGT and an Audi A3... as you can see on the left of this posting, I've made my choice. I had my heart set on one of the blues, and was thinking in terms of a non-Limited car. I ruled out the sedan by trying to fit my dog's travel kennel in somehow... it just wasn't working, and I'm keeping the dog! ;)


My dealer (in fact all the dealers within 150 miles) didn't have a 5MT wagon in either blue except for one Limited... on the showroom floor. I like the giant sunroof, but hadn't been looking for leather and power seats so we did some dealing... I'm happy with the outcome. I'm getting the Homelink mirror and the armrest extension put on, and as I said it was actually ON the showroom floor, so I'm not getting the car until Monday but the deal's inked.


So, I'm in... wacky climate control and all! :rolleyes:



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Awesome! I bet you can't wait!


When it arrives, if you have the chance, please post pictures! Also, there's a pets thread in general chat somewhere, where you can share your dog as well.


Why dont you make the "pet thread" a sticky then? Theres already one for the "Group Buy - Tuna Sandwich.":D

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So, here are the pics y'all demanded. I'm glad the car looks better on camera than I do! It goes like stink (and yeah the clutch stinks a little... I'm *TRYING* to be good during breakin. Really, I'm trying. About 60 of my own miles on it and I'm thinking it would've been okay to spend even more on the car, but I'm happy I didn't. ;)



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