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A pillar fabric - 1 yard


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Hey guys


I news to wrap my A pillars with the same stock fabric (just finished fiberglassing some tweeters in there)


I have a 2005 outback limited black outside and black leather inside, but that off white/beige fabric on the pillars


where can I get just a yard of that stuff?


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It's the same material type (not sure about color) they use in Audis.


Look at the "Disco" versions toward the bottom on this page. Looks like the same material.




Here's the sample card: http://www.miamicorp.com/customer/micorp2/images/sample%20cards/spacer%20card.pdf


Looks pretty close. You can request a free sample by emailing: mmazzaro@miamicorp.com

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The cheap option...go to wal-mart, car aisle, turtle wax interior upholstery cleaner. Pretty simple stuff...find the can with the little scrubby attached to the end. I found that putting a healthy layer of the cleaner on, letting it soak in for a min, then lightly brushing it in badly stained areas does the trick. I use an actual bath towel and used it to press/blot (not rub) the excess cleaner out. Worked wonders on my a-pillars where the previous owner was not so careful with smoking or staining the headliner with who-only-knows


Anyone know what to use to clean the A-pillar material? I recently had my windshield replaced and the worker got smudges all over it.
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Don't scrub too hard, the fabric is fragile. Left an unopened coke in my cup holder over the summer in the sun while out of the country...


When using one of the interior cleaners, the scrubbing head was apparently designed for durable cloth seats and I messed up the fabric a bit in one spot.


Oh, and the coloring in soda stains the map light/sunroof console pretty bad if it sits for awhile.

No, the name has nothing to do with bragging about 20 inch wheels...
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