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Rear Wiper Intermittent Module

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Does anyone know where this is located? I tried replacing the motor for the rear wiper thinking that was the issue, but that ended up not being the issue. The power going back to the rear wiper was good when I tested it, so I thought it was a bad motor. Now the power going to the rear wiper motor is either weak or comes and goes (using a tester light, the light isn't very strong).


I looked in a haynes manual and see there is a rear wiper intermittent module. I have a feeling this is the culprit but I don't know where it is for sure. I am pretty sure the switch on the steering column is ok. The rear washer fluid still work when I turn it all the way and the front wiper devices all still work. It's just the rear motor won't activate. I can hear a relay clicking sound when I turn the rear wiper switch from the on position to the off position (no click when going from off to on though). That's why I'm thinking the relay is not completely turning on. The relay clicking sound is coming from the dash area.


Does anyone have experience with locating and/or removing this module for the rear wiper? This is on a 2005 Outback XT.

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