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Problems w/ ACC

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spring is here and it was about 75 degrees, so i decided itsa good time to try my A/C. set it on 65 deg. w/ the A/C button on. it started blowing warm air. so i figure it being new and all i just need it to run for a couple of minutes for its "break in period." 20 minutes later, arriving at my destination, it was still warm air. did the say time on the trip back got home, no cold air.


am i missing something??



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same thing happened to me the other day.. The thing is .. i could have sworn it was cold the 1 or 2 times i used it when i got the car..... then winter set in.



Went to use it on a long drive yesterday, and nothing but warm air ..




EDIT: I went thorugh all the other posts in this forum about acc blowing warm air, but working for defrost.. but no followups.... did ANYONE take your car into the dealer yet ?


EDIT 2 : i went outside @ work today and popped the hood. i don't see any relay fuses out in the box, but does anyone have the diagram handy for the engine bay fuses so I can see if everything isin the right place?

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