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I think I know what to do with my Legacy...

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Me too.


Its like buying a car up front, or making payments. I could either buy the car I want, or take my time and build it slowly. If I wanted a fast first gen there's certainly no shortage on the internet.


If I wanted to have a first gen Leggy that's ready to go right out of the box, I'd buy one off Craigslist or Ebay or something.


If I wanted something special, I'd build it myself. What's cooler, a stock first gen Legacy SS, or a modded, semi-restored (I feel bad using that word to describe an early 90's Jap car, but it's the best work I can think of) 2ED N/A Legacy made into an AWD N/A Legacy done up just the way I want it?


Sure I could buy a car off Craigslist for $4K, but then I'd have to pay for it up front, and I'd have no room in the budget for upgrades. I could build the car I already have with that $4K and have something modified that I can take pride in.


Besides, why buy a $4K car on the internet when I'm just going to wind up putting a new battery, new spark plugs, new plug wires, new tires, new brakes, new struts, new speakers, new CV shafts, new tie rod ends ect... Into the car anyway within the next couple years? At least with my Legacy I'm up to date on maintenance, it has tons of new parts I can reuse, and it's already halfway there.


I might be missing your point, but I think you're missing our point as well. It a giant point-missing contest so to speak... :lol:

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I didn't get pics yet because I had to stay a bit late at the shop today, but I did manage to take the hood off. I Bondo'd up the hood and palm sanded the entire thing to remove cracked paint and excess Bondo. By tomorrow I should have it all painted. I'm sticking with red, because I realized it would look better in the end since I'm not planning on painting the door jambs and crossmembers stuff. Funny thing about the palm sander though.... My air compressor (26 gallon Craftsman) doesn't have a chiller (Obviously) like the one at my workplace (A chiller is a device hooked to a compressor that removes moisture from the compressed air). Needless to say I haven't been emptying the water regularly because I'm a lazy idiot. I thought my palm sander had broken, because it kept on loosing power, then working again, Come to find out, the cold air traveling at high velocity through the sander was freezing the water molecules and blocking the exhaust of the sander, forcing the air to escape through the seal in the valve rather than traveling through the pneumatic motor.


Tomorrow I'm hoping to clean the house up a bit then head outside and start removing some underhood brackets and knick-knacks to remove some rust. At work I am a rework technician fixing aerospace parts. Part of my job is polishing parts and blending in surface scratches. My favorite tool for finish work like this is an offset grinder with Scotch-Brite item #7440 cut and mounted to the offset. I brought one of my many offset grinders and some Scotch-Brite home with me, so I'm going to be taking as much stuff off the car as I can for rust removal and paint. I have some Rustoleum red and black paint, and some Krylon clear coat (Best damn clear coat on the market). I'm going to paint all the underhood brackets and stuff black, then stick with a similar coat of red for the body.


I wish I could tear into the engine now, but I'm not ready to place an order with Boxer4Racing yet. I will, however, get around to tearing down the front clip of the car (Fenders, bumper, grill, lights, ect...) for paint and bodywork. I also need to realign the body panels up front, because they're all mismatched and ugly. If I'm lucky I might be able to get around to removing the steering rack, rod ends, control arms, and knuckles for paint and clear coat, but I'm not holding out any hope. If I do get around to it I'm going to replace the wheel bearings while I'm at it. I really want to go all out with this car, and because this project is going to be a long term one I can control my investments better for an better overall outcome.

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Awesome dude! Bit by bit it'll come around. That thing should be nice looking by the time you're done painting.


Question about the wheel bearings. Can you press them out and in yourself? I had to take mine to a shop to get them pressed in because they came out in pieces when I tried it myself haha Big freakin socket and a small sledgehammer tends to have less desirable side effects on wheel bearings.


There's stuff I should do to my RS so far. It's got over 150k. I need to change the timing belt, headgaskets and water pump soon, but it'll require pulling the engine and I just haven't found time yet.

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