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Another 5eat to 6mt/5mt swap questions. (05+ LGT) thread


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I did as well a 5AT to 6MT swap on my 05 USDM LGT. I am located in Europe.


I got hold to used parts here locally but with not verified source (guy assembled the parts and sold to me, not specifically from one particular car). The only sure thing is the gearbox, as per its code it is from a 05 JDM 6MT Spec B, prop and drive shafts unknown, rear diff (R160) from a 06 EUDM legacy H6 spec B.


Mechanical wise, everything works fine. The car is running completely different than with AT (despite having mapped it around 330 HP on the AT already the MT is a completely different world).


We had to modify the gearbox cross member and the whole shift mechanism as the stick was leaning forward too much. The prop shaft had to be altered too, the middle rack was not fitting so we did combine the two together. First part was from the one I have received with the parts, the rear from my AT. Shafts were no issue, diff either.


Neutral and reverse are rewired with new connectors. Gearbox ECU had to be kept as otherwise the car did not want to start.


The pin34 trick however is not working. Grounded or not, the ECU thinks it is AT so I have got error codes P0700, P0705 and P0773 constantly.


Tried to find info whether an MT ECU would solve this but I have no clarity on that yet.


So now I am trying to find someone to do a re-flash or have the codes switched off.


Hope this info might be of help.



You have to flash a manual ROM/bin to the car, or modify the hex code in the map you have to be a manual.

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You have to flash a manual ROM/bin to the car, or modify the hex code in the map you have to be a manual.


Thanks, this is what I am currently heading towards.


Has anyone already done it? is there a confirmed proof this works?

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